Demonstrator-JLR: Dry Dilute Combustion achievements

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D4.1 Concept Specification Report
D4.2 Engine Combustion And VGT Design Report
D4.3 Control System Design Report
D4.4 Combustion System Development Report
D4.5 Engine Development Report-2019-07-29
D4.6 FINAL-Vehicle Development-2019.12.20

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Engine Concept

  • Revised intake ports and piston crown design to offer high levels of charge motion
  • Increased compression ratio
  • Inclusion of Low-Pressure-Loop Exhaust Gas Recirculation (LP-EGR) system
  • High-pressure (up to 350 bar) fuel injection system
  • Revised fuel injector spray pattern
  • High-energy ignition system
  • Bespoke control system featuring closed-loop combustion control

Boosting System

  • Variable-Nozzle-Turbine (VNTTM) turbocharger with integrated wastegate  technology
  • Supported by an electric compressor for rapid lean transitions and extended lean operation

Engine Technology

  • Fully variable displacement oil pump
  • Fully variable intake valve timing and lift
  • Variable exhaust valve timing
  • Piston cooling jets
  • Split-cooling system for faster warm-up
  • Integrated exhaust manifold

Engine Aftertreatment System

  • Electrically-heated catalyst for improved cold start emissions
  • Three-Way / Lean NOx Trap catalyst with downstream Gasoline Particulate Filter
  • Urea-dosed Gasoline Selective Catalytic Reduction catalyst

Combustion System

  • Engine designed to operate in both stoichiometric and in lean combustion modes
  • Changes made to the combustion system enable rapid combustion despite lean conditions

Vehicle Packaging

  • Concept designed to fit in vehicle engine bay
  • Engine and exhaust system fully packaged in vehicle
  • 48V system packaged in boot