Linked projects

  • PEMS4NANO – H2020

    The PEMs4Nano project (P4N) addresses the development (based on current direct injection gasoline engines) of measurement procedures down to 10 nm, providing a contribution to future regulation on particle emissions, in particular in real driving conditions.

  • SUREAL-23 – H2020

    The SUREAL-23 project is developing novel nanoparticle concentration/size/composition measurement instrumentation, with special focus on the ultrafine nanoparticles emitted by internal combustion engines.

  • DOWNTO10 – H2020

    DownToTen is developing a robust methodology that will enhance the regulatory approach towards particle number (PN) emissions in the sub 23nm region. The focus is on the new generations of direct injection gasoline and diesel engines under real world conditions.

  • EAGLE – H2020

    The EAGLE project (Efficient Additivated Gasoline Lean Engine) aims at improving the energy efficiency of European road transport vehicles by developing a highly efficient gasoline engine adapted for future electrified powertrains.

  • UPGRADE – H2020

    The UPGRADE project addresses the challenging objectives to answer the needs in reducing simultaneously CO2 emissions and, more generally, noxious compounds, including nanoparticles emissions, under Real Driving conditions: the UPGRADE project will see the development of next generation Spark Ignited gasoline engines, optimizing the Direct Injection process with regard to fuel consumption, the nanoparticles formation process and the after-treatment system control.

  • DiePeR – H2020

    The challenge of the DiePeR project is to apply advanced technologies for combustion and exhaust aftertreatment to existing non-hybrid Diesel engines and to optimize the improved characteristics of a new generation of engines with regard to emissions, fuel consumption and driveability.