Advanced Combustion: 0D/1D fast simulations

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D1.11 Fast 0D simulation method and models.
D1.12 Fast 0D simulation method.

The full poster and presentation

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0D/1D combustion modeling

ModeFRONTIER and SI-SRM (Emissions) coupling

CFM1D (Heat release), turbulence look-up tables

Reduction methodology development

Modelling workflow to address combustion analysis from a local (in-cylinder) perspective to a system approach (in-vehicle) .

Validation of tool couplings with SI-SRM and vGPS for emissions predictions;

  • With crank-angle based combustion model
  • With a MVEM approach

vGPS Concept (virtual soot sensor)



Multi cylinder from demo vehicle:

vGPS integration into Simcenter Amesim

RDE cycle real time ratio ~50;