Advanced Combustion: Development of laser-diagnostic techniques for liquid-film evaporation and soot formation

Scope of this work

  • Develop laser diagnostics in a model experiment
  • Fuel-film evaporation by laser-induced fluorescence (LIF)
  • Water films by IR absorption
  • Soot precursors by LIF, Soot by laser-induced incandescence (LII)

Links to the results:
D1.3 Spray and spraywall interaction
Publications: zenodo

Presentation: Advanced Combustion Technologies by Andreas Manz – Bosch

Fuel-film evaporation

Single shots and multi-shot mean of the evaporating fuel film 6

Conclusion: Same trends predicted by ETH‘s 3D-CFD simulation

PAH LIF and soot LII

  • Soot in sharp filaments with high spatial intermittency
  • PAH and soot often directly adjacent
  • Strong PAH-LIF signal down-stream
Single shot
Multi-shot mean