Final Event 12th & 13th of November 2020
Jaguar Baseline testing @ IDIADA
Mercedes Baseline testing @ IDIADA
High-speed color imaging of fuel injection, ignition, flame propagation, and soot formation

PaREGEn: Particle Reduced, Efficient Gasoline Engines

An international European consortium of 17 large industry and research organisations on various automotive fields of expertise, the “PaREGEn” consortium will demonstrate, at up to TRL 7, a new generation of gasoline direct injection engined vehicles achieving a 15% reduction in CO2 emissions through the optimal combination of advanced engine and robust aftertreatment technologies.

Modelling and simulation software will be verified and used to improve the design and the capability of the engines. Two demonstration vehicles, one Mercedes E180 and one Jaguar XE, will comply with upcoming Euro 6 RDE limits with particle number emissions measured to a 10 nm dia. size threshold.

Results of PaREGEn – Advanced combustion

Advanced combustion research results can be found here: Advanced combustion and Research

Results of PaREGEn – Demonstrator vehicles

Research results on the demonstor vehicles and engines can be found here: Demonstrator: Engine development

PaREGEn – Target setting, Tracking and Impact

Results on the target setting, tracking and impact assessment can be found here: Target setting, tracking and impact

The consortium

GA01 - Aachen
GA02 - Shoreham-by-Sea
GA03 - Stuttgart
GA04 - British Motor Museum, Gaydon
GA05 - IDIADA, Sitges
Final Event - IDIADA, Sitges

Partners about

Project Interactions

The PaREGEn project interacts with other projects within the same H2020 call topic GV2-2016 – Technologies for low emission light duty powertrains. PaREGEn will use the latest measurement equipment as derived during the DownToTen and PEMS4Nano projects. Furthermore, interactions are foreseen with projects DiePer, SUREAL-23, EAGLE and UPGRADE. In general, the PaREGEn consortium is open to cooperate with any project that focuses on the long term development, in order to share learning and generate further beneficial synergies.