Tracking of developments

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Deliverable: D5.2 Tracking and monitoring
Publications: zenodo
The full poster and presentation

Context & Objectives

  • Definition of the target specifications of demonstrators
  • Definition of testing protocols
  • Evaluate the improvement of the demonstrator vehicles
  • Impact assessment of the new technologies developed

Testing protocols and equipment

Testing configurations (left) and WLTC – PN equipment comparison
  • HORIBA MEXA 2000SPCS – Standard PN23nm measurement
  • AIRMODUS Condensation Particle Counter
    • Additional PN10nm measurement
    • VPR and dilution from MEXA2000SPCS
  • TSI Engine Exhaust Particle Sizer (EEPS)
    • Distribution from 6 nm to 560 nm
    • Catalytic Stripper 300ºC – Removes the volatile part
    • Diluter approx. 1/9 liters
  • PEMS4NANO PEMS PN10 prototype

Comparison: RDE on real road and simulations on chassis dyno

Test Cycle Definition

Main characteristics of the test cycle

Target setting