Stoichiometric TC-VVA-DI demonstrator

The overall aim is to demonstrate a new generation of gasoline DI engines achieving a ≥ 15% reduction in CO2. Based on a stoichiometric small TC-VVA-DI water injection engine.

The diagram below provides the expected and targetted CO2 reductions per innovation for the specific engine under development.

≥ 15% reduction in CO2based on stoichiometric small TC-VVA-DI water injection engine

Several PaREGEn engines were built up for pre-investigations on the test bench in order to select the target engine technology and currently the engine concept and design study are realised and the main technology components are fixed, listed below:

  • Advanced TC for Miller-combustion
  • Inlet- and exhaust Camshafts
  • Design of gasoline and water injection
  • CR for vehicle engine
  • Vehicle aftertreatment system

Engine on test bench

Development and evaluation of the engine combustion strategies are still ongoing, but the following activities are realised or progressing:

  • The demonstrator vehicle packing is prepared for placing of the target drivetrain (PaREGEn target engine, gearbox and exhaust gas aftertreatment system)
  • The mechanical installation using a preliminary engine, gearbox and exhaust gas system is realised
  • The vehicle measurement instrumentation and the electrical wiring between the components are carried out
  • The first-time operation of the interfaces for communication between vehicle, engine, gearbox, auxiliary equipment and bypass control unit is ongoing
  • Next step is to set up the vehicle with the target engine

Bypass control unit and measurement instrumentation

Engine bay package with electrical wiring