UFI Filters

Founded in 1972 as a supplier of filters to the automotive industry, the company UFI FILTERS spa nowadays represents a dynamic and diversified group with various activities all over the world.

  • More than 63M filters produced in 2014
  • Global leader in diesel filters
  • Over 4,000 employees across 12 countries
  • 15 mfg plants
  • 20 front offices for OEM/S worldwide
  • Over 400 M€ in Sales for 2014

The UFI production covers the entire filtration applications range for the automotive market, passenger cars and heavy duty. One of the most important contributor to the Company success is  the UFI’s capability to develop in house his filtering media tailored to the customer’s needs and to differentiate the company’s products from his competitors. UFI has dedicated R&D centers called UFI Innovation Center S.r.l. for the development of new strategic products and filtration media. The Company owns the designs and intellectual property of developed products for its clients. Such patents on products (which protect replacement market), together with certification of plants and quality (ISO standards), market reputation, focused know-how on specific products, customer relationships and R&D capabilities represent significant barriers to entry to defend the Company positioning. Major products under development are currently concentrated in Europe and China and refer to an innovative concept for air engine filters, rotating blow-by applications and media for diesel filtration. In its Research Centers UFI developed capabilities to produce filters for several applications, also outside the automotive sector, such as water, wine and process liquids.

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