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Within the PaREGEn project Garrett will simulate, size, design, analyse and provide rapid functional demonstrators of an appropriate Boosting System for inclusion on the JLR 2,0L engine in WP4. The request from JLR/Ricardo is for a Variable Geometry Turbine (VNTTM) Turbocharger. Garrett is the leader in this field and smaller frame sizes of this technology exist for Gasoline engines already and will enter series production in 2016. The JLR engine and performance specification will require a larger, modified version of the technology to meet the declared performance targets. The Garrett tasks in WP4 are focused primarily in Year 1 of the project. In addition to designing and providing hardware to JLR/Ricardo for application on their engines, Garrett will also build one set of Hardware for internal use to calibrate 0D & 1D simulation models.

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