Particle Reduced, Efficient Gasoline Engines – Summary

The PaREGEn project has addressed the topic, “Technologies for low emission light duty powertrains”, GV-02-2016 of Horizon 2020 programme; specifically, the further development of gasoline engines used in mid to premium sized passenger cars. The project has been undertaken by a seventeen-partner consortium representing all parts of the automotive industry. The innovations therein are to be realized during the critical transition period (2020-2030) for transport, when the mitigation of climate change must be enacted. The project has demonstrated a ≥ 15% reduction in CO2 emissions. Further, Euro 6d emissions compliance together particle number emissions control, when measured down to 10nm size, has been shown. Finally, modelling and simulation techniques have been validated that establish the cause and effect relationships of particle formation. If adopted, these developments have been projected to reduce the European vehicle parc CO2 emissions by ~2.0 Mtonnes in 2025 and up to 10 Mtonnes, together with a ~10% reduction in PN >10 nm, in 2030. The project has recently completed: example final results are shown here.