Demonstrator-MERC: Development of water purification system

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D3.2 Layout Combustion System CFD

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UFI FILTERS designed the complete treatment system for the purification of the water harvested from the exhaust gases of a gasoline engine, taking care of solid particles and chemicals that can damage the injection line

Particle Filtration

1,5g/l of solid particles were found in harvested water. It can be considered a big amount. In order to extend system life UFI designed a system composed of a prefilter and fine filter. The first one can trap the coarse particles, while the second grants the filtration efficiency that prevents any damage of the injection system. Both filters were designed with the DFM (Depth Filter Media) layout: a specifically designed fibers structure grants the optimal filtration performance.

Chemical purification

Water chemicals analysis revealed that harvested water is very rich in ammonia, while other components are present in percentages that can be considered not harmful for engines. Ammonium ions could create salts with others ions and led to precipitation. Ion exchange and.or adsorption technique is the most suitable for automotive purposes. So UFI benchmarked several resins from different manufacturers, find a product that can grant optimal purification performance.

Prototype design

With the results of the preliminary tests on particle and chemical removal UFI FILYERS designed a proto filter;

  • Resins bed depth > 700 mm;
  • Total dimensions compatible with auto motive filters;
  • Water flow 0,45 l/min;
  • Treat about 100 l of water.

The filter incorporates all the filtration steps. At first water flows through the prefilter (blue) from inside to outside, then through filter from outside to inside and then from the top of the helical path to the bottom of the housing.