The Institute for Combustion and Gas Dynamics (IVG) is the largest institute of the University of Duisburg-Essen’s Engineering Department. With its four chairs, Thermodynamics, Nanoparticle Process Technology, Reactive Fluids, and Fluid Dynamics, the IVG covers a wide range of research on high-temperature reactions. The team consists of over 80 scientists, including 7 professors. Understanding and controlling combustion processes and the synthesis of nanomaterials in the gas phase is at the center of the research performed at the Chair of Reactive Fluids. Nanoparticles with tailored properties are synthesized in flames, plasmas, and wall-heated reactors in the Nanomaterials Synthesis team. The work is aimed at the development of new materials, in particular for use in energy technologies. Research also includes laser-based techniques for in situ measurements of concentration, temperature, droplet and particle size, as well as velocity in reactive flows. The Laser Diagnostics team conducts fundamental research on new measurement techniques. These techniques are also employed by the Internal Combustion Engines team in engine test cells that are equipped for optical in situ measurements to shed light on in-cylinder processes (this is the group involved in PaREGEn). The Kinetics team uses shock tubes to investigate reaction rates and mechanisms in combustion, ignition, and particle formation. In their research, the interdisciplinary team composed of engineers, chemists and physicists works closely with other groups at the IVG, in particular the simulation specialists at the Chair of Fluid Dynamics.

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